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Duct Tightness Testing
Service Fee Components

The composition of service fees for duct tests are as follows

  • Travel (per visit)
  • # Systems Tested
  • Floor Area Measurement
  • Blower Door Setup

See our Service Fees for explanation.

Our goal is to keep fees as low as possible for you to promote a long-term relationship. 

0. Before we come out, we’ll try to help figure out how many systems need to be tested.

1. First we assess the likelihood of passing the duct test.  If duct testing fails, we’ll help you figure out what to do. 

2. If possible, we’ll hang around the local area while modifications are made.

3. Total duct leakage testing is accomplished first.  If it passes, unless blower testing is required, the blower door won’t need to be set up.

4. Please do everything you can to provide defensible floor area measurements:
    a. Provide plans (ask the builder)
    b. Share public records (look on-line)
    c. Measure & calculate floor area (we’ll let you know our preferred method)


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