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Home InSight offers a variety of services to complete the Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate, including blower door testing and duct tests.  Fees include travel and professional services.

Service Fees include

Keeping Fees to a Minimum. To keep fees as low as possible, we try to combine as many services as possible into a single trip, figure out what is needed over the phone, and ask for defensible building measurements before we arrive on site.

Home InSight's Commitment. We want to provide all of your DET Verification services for several years.  At the beginning of our relationship, we’ll spend as much time as necessary on-site to help you develop building practices leading to a 100% pass rate in the future. 

We’d rather do this then spend a lot of money on marketing without providing great client service.  We’ll help figure out why testing failed and consult with you how to fix it—no extra charge!

Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate

This certificate is supplied as the by-product of our services.  It will be issued three times.

The first certificate is filled in by hand on-site and usually attached to the electrical panel. 

A typed copy is mailed with the invoice or receipt.

An electronic version is permanently maintained in your on-line account for access at any time.

Blower Door & Duct Testing

Two types of tests are required for complete DET Verification: blower door testing and duct tests.

Blower Door Testing. Blower door testing depends on the number of blower doors needed to complete the job.  We can reliably test houses requiring DET verification up to 6000 sqft with one Blower Door.  Blower door testing is in 6000 sqft increments.

We have to obtain additional Blower Doors to do larger houses, so additional fees are added to pick them up and use them on a temporary basis.

Duct Tests. Duct tests depend on the number of central warm-air heating & cooling systems are installed with any part of the air distribution system outside the building envelope. 

Systems completely inside the conditioned building envelope are not required to be tested, typically a fully finished basement.

Building Measurement

Success criteria for blower door testing depend on building volume.  Duct tests depend on “floor” area. 

Virtual & Physical Floor Area measured. For volume and area measurements, physical and virtual floor areas are considered.  A three-story open stairway has a physical floor 1/3 the size of combined physical and virtual floor areas.

Volume is figured on a per story floor area multiplied by the average ceiling height.  In addition, heating & cooling load calculations also depend on physical and virtual floor areas per story.

Measurement Fee Avoidance. Building area and volume fees are avoided by providing defensible measurements of physical and virtual floor area per story and average ceiling height.  Ideally, building plans can be emailed to us before going on-site.  For existing houses, we’ll try to determine floor area from on-line records.

Building Measurement Service Fees. If we have to measure the house, the first ½ hour is included to make measurements and calculate volume and floor areas.  This should cover most of the housing inventory.  After the first ½ hour, measurement time is charged at an hourly rate in quarter-hour increments.

HVAC Load Calculation

For Manual J load calculations, call or request quote.  The details depend on the level of modeling desired and the number of HVAC design services. 

An HVAC system design fee schedule will be emailed to you for your review.


We'll travel anywhere in Georgia to deliver on-site DET Verification services.

Normally, it’s to your advantage to have someone local to your project deliver the services.  Sometimes, it makes sense to travel long distances.  Home InSight has travel rates for three service regions centered at Peachtree City, GA.

Local Area. Local area travel applies to any house within 45 miles or 1 hour drive.  It includes mileage and travel time.  Most of the metro Atlanta area can be reached in this range.

Extended Local Area.  Home InSight is committed to serving the entire Atlanta metro area, but some projects are about 1.5 hours away.  There is a small charge to cover additional fuel expenses, but all travel time is included.

Out of Area.  Anything beyond 1.5 hours and 45 miles of Peachtree City, GA incur travel charges for mileage and time over and above the Local Area rate.  Typically, 5 cents is added to the Federal Mileage Rates established by the IRS.  Time is at a nominal rate per hour.

More Information

For more information about our professional service fees, see our payment options and typical scenarios, or contact us for a formal fee schedule.


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