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HVAC Manual J Load Calculation

Home InSight is also capable of determining the total heating & cooling loads needed to complete the Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate.

The building code requirement for creating residential heat load calculations is not new.  The difference is now the results need to be documented in the Georgia Residential Energy Code Certificate.

Load Calculation Modeling Choices

For the purposes of DET Verification, either an ACCA Manual J Load Calculation as a block load or room-by-room load is sufficient. 

The other alternative for residential heating & cooling systems is a Professional Engineer stamp by a Mechanical Engineer.  That is the "other approved method."

Block Load is Minimum Standard. For the purposes of the Georgia Residential Energy Code Certificate, we’ll create the easiest model for passing this provision of the certificate: block load. 

No one would seriously consider building a house without a blueprint.  HVAC systems need to be designed too.

If the heat load calculation is done before any equipment and ductwork is installed, a block load can only be used for selecting equipment.

However, if a room-by-room model is completed, it can be used for designing and installing ductwork too.

Need for Modeling. With tighter and better insulated homes, smaller equipment and ductwork is possible.  Because excess airflow is unavailable, it’s more important than ever to design duct systems to mix air in each room properly. 

Also, the effect of duct leakage has a much greater impact on heating & cooling system performance.  Home InSight can help HVAC contractors design and install high-performance systems, including ventilation.

Energy Modeling Experience

Home InSight regularly models heating and cooling characteristics of a house for energy related programs, such as EarthCraft House, HERS, Energy Cents Homes, and ENERGY STAR.  ACCA Manual J is one of our methods of modeling.

Sherlock Homes is effectively an HVAC system designer now.  He models heat load characteristics, validates equipment selection, and designs ductwork on behalf of the builder or HVAC contractor.

Contact Sherlock Homes for ACCA Manual J, S, T, & D designs.

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For more information, visit Home InSight's Buider Energy Services website.


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