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Duct Sealing
Georgia Building Code Requirements

Here are the requirements for sealing the air handler stack without the neeed for a duct test.

GA Energy Code Amendments to 2009 International Energy Code

403.2.2 [Systems, Ducts] Sealing (Mandatory).

. . . .


3. If the air handler, furnace or evaporator coil is replaced on an existing system, all joints, seams and connections from equipment to duct system and duct system connections to plenums shall meet the sealing requirements of this code and be verified by a visual inspection by the state licensed conditioned air contractor or by a DET Verifier.


403.2.4 [Systems, Ducts] Joints and seams. Joints of duct systems shall be made substantially airtight by means of tapes, mastics, liquid sealants, gasketing or other approved closure systems. Without exception all closure systems shall have mastic applied that is at least 0.08 inches (2 mm) thick.  . . . .


1. Application of spray polyurethane foam and mastic shall be permitted without additional joint seals.

2. Where a duct connection is made that is partially inaccessible, three screws or rivets shall be equally spaced on the exposed portion of the joint so as to prevent a hinge effect. Mastic must be applied on all accessible sides.

3. Continuously welded and locking type longitudinal joints and seams in ducts operating at static pressures less than 2 inches of water column (500Pa) pressure classification shall not require additional closure systems.


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